COPD Support Service - Preparing for success with six-month review

Monday, 3 June 2013
The phrase “perfect preparation prevents poor performance” applies when getting ready to complete all of your patients’ six-month reviews.
The six-month consultation (which is actually the second quarterly review) is the most important milestone for the Community Pharmacy Future project since the COPD Support Service was launched in September last year.

The formal analysis of the project will be comparing any changes seen between the initial reviews and the six-month reviews. Hence we need every patient to have had a six-monthly review before the end of June.

IMS Health, a respected firm of health analyists, will be using the data from the six-month reviews to indicate the health economic benefits of the service. It is this data, setting out the benefits to patients and the NHS, which will be vital in convincing NHS England – the new national commissioning body – to take the service on and develop it into part of the national pharmacy contract.

To ensure all your six-month reviews go smoothly, it might be a good idea to get them booked in at times that are convenient to both the patient and the pharmacy team. Don’t forget to call the customer the day before the consultation to remind them.

It is also worthwhile asking yourself a few questions:

  • Do you have a plan to complete the six-month reviews ™™before the end of June?

  • Do you need any support and, if so, have you asked ™™for it?

  • Have all your existing consultations been entered into ™™ESMAQ?

The six-month reviews are a vital stage in the future success of the project, so ensure you are well prepared so that you can get all your patients reviewed before the end of June – Good luck!

Visitors see COPD Service in action at Lloyds

Representatives -copd - photo by Parag Oza
The success of the COPD Support Service has led to requests by official groups to see the service in action. At the end of April, representatives from the pharmacy negotiators, PSNC, and their Government counterparts at NHS Employers, visited the Wirral. The photograph shows (L-R): Hannah Fleming (Lloydspharmacy), Shaun Fernandes (Lloydspharmacy), Heather Roberts (Lloydspharmacy), Sue Sharpe (PSNC), Alastair Buxton (PSNC), Marie-Claire Demblon (NHS Employers) and Andrew Clapperton (NHS Employers) visiting Lloydspharmacy, West Kirby.

Photo by Parag Oza

Rowlands plays host to COPD service visitors

Representatives - copd
The pharmacy negotiators also visited Rowlands Pharmacy, Parkfield. Alastair Buxton, Sue Sharpe, Andrew Clapperton and Marie-Claire Demblon are seen with (centre) Habib Khan and Alex Carrasco (Rowlands Pharmacy).

COPD support for patients will continue after June

The Management Committee for the Community Pharmacy Future project has decided that our pharmacies will continue to provide COPD support for our patients beyond the formal end of the study in June. We believe that patients are benfiting from the support they are receiving and it would not be right to deny our patients these benfits.

As we heard at the celebration event last month, both patients and our pharmacy teams say that they are benefiting from the service. Our patients say that they are seeing the pharmacy team in a new light, and appreciating the wide range of support you can give them, not just for COPD.

At the same time, our pharmacy teams say that they are gaining greater professional satisfaction from the service. It has improved relationships with patients, and also with GPs and other healthcare professionals. We are keen to see these “soft benefits” continue, while the “hard benefits”, in health economic terms, of the service are formally evaluated. These results are due to be published later this year.

Patients who are already enrolled on to the COPD Support Service will still receive support from our pharmacy teams, but the data collection elements of the service will be scaled back.

For example, you will still be able to recommend to patients that they should have a winter flu vaccination, once the vaccination programme restarts in the autumn.

We will share more details of how the revised service will be delivered before the end of June.

What our patients think of the service

“They explain things properly, and if you don’t understand, they will explain it in plain English so you do.”

“They do care about the job they are doing, and now she is helping me.”

— Comments from COPD patients interviewed by researchers

Progress report

At 31st May 2013, we had review records entered on ESMAQ for patients who have had two quarterly reviews:

COPD Support Service  |  131 patients  |   (Retention rate 72%)

Please can you ensure that all six-month reviews are entered on ESMAQ by the end of June.

The Case Finding Service will continue throughout the evaluation. At week 37 (31st May 2013) we had full records entered on ESMAQ for 239 patients

June 2013 edition 
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