FOMM Support Service - Celebrating success with the Four or More Service

Monday, 1 April 2013
Your fantastic success in providing the Four or More Medicines Support Service was celebrated this month. Pharmacists and staff from all four companies shared their experiences of delivering the service and the benefits it is bringing to them and their patients.
We heard about the obvious success of managing to recruit and retain patients for the service, and the clear benefits being seen by them as a result. But two other successes also became clear during the event.

First, patients who are being supported through the service are beginning to see the pharmacy team in a new light.

Having been given help and support with their medicines, and feeling better for it, patients are having more engaged conversations with pharmacy staff about other aspects of their health and care.

At the same time, pharmacists are reporting that they are having much more productive and professionally engaged conversations with GPs and teams at local surgeries, especially around STOPP/START requests. These discussions may not always lead to changes being made to patients’ medicines, but they are being conducted on a professional-to-professional basis, increasing pharmacists’ satisfaction with their work.

These changes really show how much more there is to be gained from delivering the support that patients need with their medicines.

Our service continues to attract outside interest. Visitors from the PSNC and NHS Employers, who negotiate the pharmacy contract, will be visiting during April to see for themselves what we are achieving.

As mentioned last time, the service is now being delivered by more pharmacies, including supermarket and independents. They got off to a good start at the beginning of April, benefiting from all your experience so far.

Discussions are being held on what happens next with the Four or More Medicines Support Service. We should have more details for you next month.

Four or More Medicines Service celebration event

John Nuttall, Managing Director, The Co-operative Pharmacy, makes the opening address at the Four or More Medicines Support Service celebration event at DW Stadium, Wigan, on 17th April. More on p3.

Doing things better – top tips to help you

We can all learn from each other. We asked Nicky Grundy, who has been supporting Community Pharmacy Future for Rowlands Pharmacy, to share the experiences of her pharmacy teams.

Rowlands Pharmacy, Astley — tips from Heather and Joanne

  • Organise records alphabetically to ensure that each patient’s record card can be easily identified™™

  • Have one sheet listing all patients both to confirm appointments and as a reminder to book patients in™™

  • Use “See pharmacist” stickers and boldly write “4 or More” on them. Attach to any collection scripts for registered ™™patients to make sure they are not missed when they return

  • Flag PMR records to remind the dispensers and pharmacist when patients are due in™™

Rowlands Pharmacy, March Green — tips from dispenser Jen

  • Be prepared. Create a clearly labelled folder for each patient with everything inside that is needed, so that it is ™™all close at hand and where it should be when they arrive

  • Ensure all staff are familiar with the service so that whoever is available when the patient arrives can step in confi™™dently to begin the consultation. This then reduces time that the pharmacist is taken away from the dispensary

  • Delivery drivers can extend invitations to patients to ring or pop in if they are due for their next consultation.™™

  • Follow up on changes. If a patient is helped or changes are made as a result of this service, be sure to record it ™™on the patient notes section, no matter how small the change. Discuss it at the next consultation

  • Put prompts in each file to help remind you to follow up on issues raised, eg, did the new medicine help?™™

  • Ensure you have a telephone number for each patient. If the patient misses a visit or is unable to come to the ™™pharmacy then you can ring them and have a chat or make an appointment

  • A simple chart can be really useful in keeping track of visits made and outstanding consultations, using dates ™™instead of ticks is easier to see at a glance

  • Keep things informal. It’s not necessary to recite each of the questions word for word as they appear on the form. ™™The same information can be obtained via a relaxed chat which may also encourage the patient to feel more at ease and be more open overall

What our patients think of the service

“Very satisfied because I hope it will help me and other people as well.”

“Helped me a lot. I know I can go in and not be frightened

of asking them anything.”

— Patients interviewed by independent researchers

Getting ready for patients’ six-month reviews

We are now getting towards the end of our data collection work. The six-month reviews with patients are vital, as it is the changes between the start of the service and this point which will be used to demonstrate the benefits and potential cost-savings to the NHS.

Please use the tips above to start thinking about how you will get ready for doing your six-month reviews, if you have not already started them.

You may want to start by making a list of all your patients and when they are due to have their six-month review. You can then tell your patients in advance about the review and its importance. Appointments can then be booked in and reminders sent out, as needed.

Don’t forget to thank your patients for their participation – we couldn’t have done it without them, just as we couldn’t have done it without your hard work, too.

We will need all the data to be entered on to ESMAQ by the end of June. This will allow it to be analysed over the summer. We will then be able to present the results to pharmacy and NHS stakeholders in the autumn.

Progress report

At 19th April 2013, we had three-month review records entered on ESMAQ for:

Four or More Service  |  479 patients  |  (Retention rate 83%)

Please can you ensure that six-month review results are put on ESMAQ by the end of June.

Four or More Medicines Service celebration event

Vicki Woodall of Boots, Bryn, speaks about her experience as a pharmacist with providing the Four or More Medicines Support Service
David Promfett of Lloydspharmacy, Atherton, gives a powerful description of how providing the service has improved his working relationship with local GPs
Heather Ahmed from Co-operative Pharmacy, Astley, describes how patients are benefiting
Martin Sadr-Kazemi, Rowlands Pharmacy, Lowton, talks about teamworking to deliver the service

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