Pharmacists' focus group gives its views

Monday, 27 July 2015
Today (1 October 2015), a focus group of pharmacists who are delivering the Pharmacy Care Plan service was held in Yorkshire to allow the CPF service design team to hear directly about the practicalities and impacts of service.
Representatives from the School of Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, who will be evaluating the service were also at the event that included seven pharmacists from four CPF companies. All had provided the service in their pharmacies and are in the process of arranging six-monthly reviews for their patients.

They were very positive about delivering the service and the benefits that they saw it has for their patients.  During the discussion about the training provided for the service, the pharmacists said that they really valued the consultation skills training which had been provided.  One element of the training that the pharmacists were particularly supportive of was the inclusion of other pharmacy staff.  They saw this as having two primary benefits: first, it allowed the staff to learn about the service and motivate them to participate when returning to the pharmacy and, secondly, it resulted in a better distribution of workload and use of skill-mix when the service was delivered.
The Community Pharmacy Future project is a collaboration between
Well Pharmacies
Lloyds Pharmacy
Rowlands Pharmacy a company of the PHOENIX group