CPFII project highlighted in Chemist Druggist

Thursday, 1 September 2016
Under the heading of "How I helped... a patient with multiple conditions", Chemist+Druggist magazine interviewed Pretesh Lad, a Boots pharmacist at Homestead Medical Practice in Wakefield about his role as part of the CPF II project
"I am involved in a year-long scheme – part of the Community Pharmacy Future project created in 2011 by the "big four" multiples – to support better outcomes for people with long-term conditions. For example, one of the work streams supports patients who are taking multiple medicines, including for cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes.
Patients who met certain criteria were either referred through the GP or identified by the dispensing team, and were offered personal care plans. After an initial detailed appointment to pick up any problems, we set them health goals and then saw them every two months, with a more in-depth review after six and then 12 months.
One patient we saw really stands out. She had hypertension which had not been reviewed for a long time. During her first appointment her cholesterol was through the roof, and her blood pressure was so high she needed to go to the hospital.
Later, she mentioned some symptoms that were suggestive of diabetes, so we arranged a GP review. It turns out she did have a quite advanced [stage of the] disease.
Her medicines were all changed to treat her resistant hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol, and we went through the British Heart Foundation cholesterol advice quite closely. As she was a smoker, we also started her on Champix and she successfully quit smoking, started exercising and eating more healthily.
It’s a cliché, but professionally helping patients like her brings such great satisfaction. When we enrolled her she cancelled on us twice, but I persisted, and every time I see her she is so thankful that I did.
She was a ticking time bomb before, and if it wasn’t for the service [her conditions] may not have been picked up before she had a heart attack or a stroke. But now she understands the value of her health and she has reduced her risk dramatically."

The Community Pharmacy Future project is a collaboration between
Well Pharmacies
Lloyds Pharmacy
Rowlands Pharmacy a company of the PHOENIX group