CPF II presentation to RPS Innovators Forum

Tuesday, 26 January 2016
CPF joined the RPS’ Innovators Forum today to showcase the latest information on the Patient Care Plan service currently being delivered to patients in West Yorkshire, from over 40 community pharmacies. 
Malcolm Harrison, CPF Project Manager, was able to share with the members of the forum the background to the overall programme as well as the principles of the design of the service.  He shared how CPF is using patient centred consultation and planning, alongside some of the latest thinking on the activation of patients with long term conditions to help them to not only get the most out of their medicines and devices, but also to better understand their conditions and their overall health, and how they can make the best decisions to help them to manage their long term conditions in the future.
The Community Pharmacy Future project is a collaboration between
Well Pharmacies
Lloyds Pharmacy
Rowlands Pharmacy a company of the PHOENIX group