Polypharmacy - Rhetoric to reality (RPS/RCGP event)

Wednesday, 20 April 2016
Today (20/04/16) the Community Pharmacy Future: Four or More Medicines service was used to highlight how community pharmacy can support the frail and elderly who are at risk of inappropriate polypharmacy
The event was a joint conference delivered at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, in conjunction with the Royal college of General Practitioners, to explore how closer working between the professions can improve care for patients with multiple long term conditions.  ‘The challenge of polypharmacy: from rhetoric to reality’ event was held at the RPS headquarters in London and covered how pharmacists from all sectors, working in partnership with GPs, can prevent over diagnosis and overuse of medicines in patients in a variety of settings. 

Other speakers at the event included Sandra Gidley (English Pharmacy Board chair, RPS), Nigel Mathers (honorary secretary, RCGP), Martin Duerden (clinical senior lecturer, Bangor University) and Nina Barnett (consultant pharmacist, NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service).
The report and proposals from the day can be found by clicking here. https://www.rpharms.com/Portals/0/RPS%20document%20library/Open%20access/Publications/The%20Challenge%20of%20Polypharmacy%20-%20Report.pdf
The Community Pharmacy Future project is a collaboration between
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